going out to the farm…

23 Apr

I went to visit my friend Debbie this weekend at her gorgeous 140 acre farm – I mean it was just something.  She has everything – a lake, horses, chickens, and…calves!!

This is a Belted Galloway named Oreo, a non-GMO altered breed of cow.  OH?  You did not know that beef is a GMO?  Neither did I.  Truly disturbing.  As I was looking for tastier food, I have made the rather unfortunate discovery –

GMO is becoming more widespread – sugarbeets made it on the list last year with GMO sugar now making it’s way to your table.  It used to just be corn syrup.  Now I have to buy organic sugar?!?!?  I mean I wouldn’t care about this except the US population is basically acting as a test trial for completely non-studied genetically modified food.  And the worst part – when the academic community looks at GMO food – it makes animals sick!


(the quick and dirty – GMO corn damages kidney function of test rats)  Mansanto took these researchers to court to try to supress these findings….hmmmmmm…….

Anyways – I saw one of my favorite guitar players the other day – such a great singer…



2 Responses to “going out to the farm…”

  1. cmberb April 26, 2012 at 2:34 am #

    Yes, truly disturbing. Knowledge is power!

  2. Jen April 29, 2012 at 6:40 am #

    Pretty crazy stuff about the cow. Thanks for the info by the way.

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