it was an ice cream day…

18 May

so i bought ice cream today (for the first time in 5 years) and I noticed something – I could not for the life of me find a nice, full fat ice cream.  So I poured some thick cream over Ben and Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake.  It was very tasty.

It made me think about the absolutely jaw dropping article that I read on the BBC today:

Statin Drugs for everyone!!

  v v v v v v v  Rant Alert!!   v v v v v v v

I was shocked.  The article basically says that they think that everyone should be one statin drugs – that we all could benefit from them due to the lowering of cholesterol.  Except that whole kidney failure side effect thing – never mind that.  Unbelievable!!  For the first time, I realized that I am truly terrified that the US government will have a nationwide healthcare policy.  What if I was on that?  Would they make me take it?  My cholesterol is off the charts, but I am extremely healthy – low BMI, blood pressure, very young looking for my age.  I just do not believe that cholesterol is the real culprit in chronic pulmonary heart disease.  I have read and read about that over the last 6 months, I really think that there are some very different reasons.  I just hope that in my lifetime, I will have the right to choose what drugs I am forced to put into my body!!

But anyways…

So here is a movie that I would really like to see – looks touching, sad and beautiful at the same time –

called Monsieur Lazhar:

It makes me think about teaching…I really love it.  Speaking of which – I teach optics class next week.  Yeah!!!


2 Responses to “it was an ice cream day…”

  1. cmberb May 21, 2012 at 7:20 am #

    Yeah that is incredibly scary. Especially since I too have high cholesterol. Hopefully more research can go into this, I mean seriously… Anyways that movie looks good, kinda reminds me of Jades teacher. She is just awesome.

    • somegenericusername May 21, 2012 at 6:12 pm #

      I read this – it looks to be the most sound advice I have read so far:
      There’s a lot of misconception out there regarding heart disease. Heart disease is primarily caused by oxidized LDL. You get oxidized LDL when your diet is low in stable medium chain triglycerides, and high in PUFA (poly unsaturated fatty acids, like omega3 and omega6). What’s worse is when the PUFA is primarily omega 6, which causes inflammation in the body to increase and LDL to become small/dense which is more likely to oxidize.

      You could have low total LDL, but have high oxLDL and still get heart disease. Conversely, you could have high total LDL but have low oxLDL and live to be 100. The cholesterol hypothesis is based on the work of Ancel Keys’s 7 countries study in which he correlated *all* fat with heart disease in 7 countries. That’s really it. And there were actually way more countries, but it didn’t fit Keys’s theory so he dropped him. No true scientist does this. For example, France and Nordic countries have low heart disease, but high fat intake (including saturated). Chile has low fat but high rates of heart disease.

      Getting to a 1:1 omega 3 to omega 6 ratio is key to reducing inflammation and preventing chronic diseases. But too much PUFA including omega3 is also bad. I would recommend reducing your omega 6 intake (industrialized seed oils, vegetable oils) and supplement about a tablespoon of fish oil daily. Get your fats from medium chain triglycerides (cream, coconuts, lard). This is in conflict with public dietary advice, but not with the science.

      To those trying to lower triglycerides, lower your fructose intake and improve insulin sensitivity through exercise. Fish oil isn’t going to cure the effects of 36 oz soda/day….

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