Pastured Chickens and Eggs!!

14 Jun

I knew it – if I just kept looking, it was bound to turn up.  I found a very nice lady who seems to enjoy chickens as much as I do….

 Time to give the sheepy-sheep a haircut!!

She buys unsexed chicks (if an egg producer buys sexed chicks, the male chicks are destroyed) and uses the hens to lay eggs and the males are raised for meat.  Brilliant!  I read one of the cutest stories about her baby chicken hatching experience – getting mother hens to take care of babies they didn’t hatch:

“I decided to try a little experiment. I took that tiny [chick] and placed it in front of the silkie [hen]. The baby pushed up against her breast. I watched to see if I was going to need to save the little one again (some hens very much dislike chicks that they didn’t hatch themselves). The silkie stared with great intensity at this baby for a couple of minutes and then I saw her expression soften (yes, chickens show expressions) and her eyes start to close. She was transforming before my eyes. She started clucking baby talk to the little one and within 5 minutes she had tucked the little keet under her wing and the adoption was complete. I retrieved each new baby as it hatched out under the homicidal hen [she would peck the new chicks to death] and was able to give the silkie a total of 2 guinea keets and 3 turkey poults.”

 One of her curious baby turkeys.  Apparently, he found the camera fascinating!

Awwwww!!!!  So, so very cute!  She has a farm, Nature’s Harbor Farm where you can visit every other Sunday.  Cool!!

 OMG. So totally cute!!


3 Responses to “Pastured Chickens and Eggs!!”

  1. Jen June 18, 2012 at 5:44 am #

    This is an adorable story!! You could seriously write a book with the way you describe this interaction. I love it!

  2. cmberb June 25, 2012 at 7:09 am #

    Haha I love chickens! I want to get some for the kids.

  3. somegenericusername June 25, 2012 at 7:27 pm #

    Double, triple, and quintiple like. Chickens are definitely not no-brained animals I think people would assume them to be…

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