23 Jun

Tomorrow is dinner with my dear friend Amy. I doubled up on my Green BEAN delivery, I have so many fresh fruits and veggies! I also really lucked out; Gunthorpe Farms was having a sale so I was able to get 20 pounds of chicken breasts and legs/thighs.  They offer organic pasture raised chicken!!

Did I mention that I have decided – I also need a pressure cooker.  Now I thought all pressure cookers were pretty much alike – but boy was I wrong.  I would like to start making soups and cook up some of my tasty chicken!  So I found this little baby:

Now isn’t that a dandy?  It has a removable steel liner!

So more about food stuff…

Here is a very interesting blog I found the other day.  It’s a health blog by a PhD researcher/professor at Washington University.  There was so much interesting information here – this guy really knows his stuff!

And lastly, I must share the thing that really stuck in my craw this week.  The Farm Bill passed, which prevented labeling of GMOs.  wtf – really?!?!  How is it Europe bans GMOs and we can’t even get them labeled here?  Ugh.


2 Responses to “food!!”

  1. cmberb June 25, 2012 at 7:10 am #

    Doesn’t surprise me, our legislation is in bed with the food industry.

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