Thinking About Thyroid Function

8 Oct

I recently watched an extremely interesting webinar about adrenal gland function (if you are interested you can check it out here: Adrenal Gland Webinar

I was so interested that I decided to do some more reading instead of signing up for their (ridiculously overpriced!!) seminar series.  We are in the information age – what can I find out on my own?  Well, I headed over to Chris Kresser’s most excellent blog.  The man has so much information, freely available about many different health issues and  I started reading about thyroid function.  It’s all related – thyroids, cortisol, and adrenal glands.  I must share this very interesting article that he wrote about thyroid issues and gluten.  I just wanted to pass it along:  Your Thyroid and Gluten.

I do not have thyroid problems.  But.  I am now in the mode of utterly serious prevention mode.  I do not want to experience poor health if I can help it!

I hope that you find it as interesting as I do.  Have a great week!  🙂


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