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29 Oct

For anyone who stumbles across this blog – this is the story of experiencing a significant decline in health, increased blood pressure, and typical “allergic” type symptoms over a 6 month period and the subsequent steps to the returned state of health.

In January, 2012, I moved into an apartment and gradually felt more awful every day.  Having rather negative experiences with the medical community previously, I set about to find the source of my ailment.

After looking at diet (closely) and sleep and being far to exhausted to exercise, it was discovered to be environmental.  There were 2 natural gas leaks in my apartment (and I suspect some other things going on as well).  Although the diet portion is interesting, I cannot say that I will rent an apartment ever again without testing for Radon, CO2, and the like.

The story begins at the bottom of course.  The end result?  After 1) moving to a contaminant free environment, and 2) implementing a probiotic, whole foods, nutritionally dense paleo-ish/weston price style diet, I have experienced a better-than-before return to health.  My blood pressure has dropped 20 points.  I am so grateful.  May what I have shared here be of some use to you.

Best – Ann


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